Video: Adam Jones in "Rugby vs Science"

The former Wales man and the ex-Dirty Sanchez bloke, Lee Dainton, prove beyond doubt how tough rugby players are, using infallible and not at all dodgy science.

Get the best picture for the rugby in your house by grabbing up to £1000 cashback on a 4k TV. Let's face, who doesn't want to see James Haskell run into a post again in crystal clear definition?

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Inside the England Rugby World Cup squad selection meeting

Stuart Lancaster : "Right fellas, it's time to get down to it, we have to trim this squad down from the present 541 members to 31"

Andy Farrell: "thirty one? I thowt it were thirty two! Bloody hell, give me a minute."

Graham Rowntree: "I had no idea how many it was I was just going to busk my selection as we went. Actually, I was surprised when this meeting was called as I though we must've named the squad by now and I missed it when I was stuck listening to Haskell again"

Mike Catt: "Can I say something here?"

SL: "No you can't. Right my definites are on this slide here, so let's get to the tricky ones. Firstly, I'm dropping Cipriani"

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SHIT/GOOD Ratings: Rugby World Cup warm ups

Professional Irish miserable person and shredded wheat hair sporter, Van Morrison, in his rambling stream of consciousness song "Summertime In England" spoke of all sorts of things, the likes of going down by Avalon and taking a long, long, long, long, drive. That song was clearly not written in Rugby World Cup year as he did not mention any rugby games; not hat Van would've cared anyway, the sour faced twat. The famous S/G computer is a lot like Van Morrison in many ways. Let's have a look what it made of the latest round of warm ups.


Scott Spedding - Spedding's been selected again, he must have got a lot better since we last saw him. Nope, still shit.

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REVEALED! The RFU Rules For Social Media Use

Our secret mole in the England camp has passed to the much discussed social media rules that all England players have been ordered to sign up to. 
All players hereby agree when using any form of social media:
1. No imagess of, discussions about, or even passing mentions in relation to dwarf tossing.*
2. No use of the word "banter" or any of its variants, e.g. bantz, bantos, banticles (this list is not exhaustive)
3. No links to videos or images of Wales or Australia fans looking sad
4. No use of Vine to record player diaries. They're dull and no-one wants to see you engage in awkward comedy set pieces with team mates (see also 2 above)
5. Please, for the love of God, no sharing of anything by Britain First, Katie Hopkins, Piers Morgan, David Campese or James Haskell. (Again, this list is not exhaustive)
6. Should England win; no humblebrags, e.g. "the William Webb Ellis Trophy is well too heavy to lift above my head"
7. No endorsing other brands other than those of England official partners. Oh and no racism and sexism. We emphasise that while racism and sexism are bad, it is most important that you do not upset our official partners.
8. No Snapchat, you are all too old. 
9. No team selfies, they are so 2014.
*The RFU and management team would also prefer if you did not do any actual dwarf tossing, but if you must please see rule 1.

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The History of the Haka

by James Tompkinson

It’s been a feature of international rugby for as long as anyone can remember - but it’s hardly a tradition that has remained untouched over the years. As the footage of the 1973 confrontation between the All Blacks and Barbarians reminds us above, there was a time when it consisted basically of the team stamping their feet for a bit while shaking their arms in a more-or-less freestyle way - before turning to the crowd for a round of applause.

Fast forward to the present and this tribal ritual has now morphed into something much more theatrical - complete with rolling eyes, protruded tongues and painstaking choreography. Where did the haka come from? Where is it going? How come no-one else gets the opportunity to try to exert psychological advantage over the opposing team in a similar way? We take a look...

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SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings: The Rugby Championship, round two

The McCaw: Simply will not stop


Conrad Smith - made to look completely ordinary by a 21-year-old.  Now, that 21-year-old is Jesse Kriel, who if not the real deal looks a great deal like it, but still the experience Kiwi should've put in a better showing that this.

Argentina's gameplan - The Pumas have a tried and trusted way of working: assemble a pack of men that look like they eat live wolves by choice as a hobby, let them slowly squeeze the dignity out of their opposition and hope that the backs can do just about enough.  However, vs Australia this was not in evidence as the players threw the ball about as if they were so terrified of holding it tat it was covered in marmite and tarantulas.  It didn't end well.

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SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings: The Rugby Championship, round 1

"ask about our great value wedding packages"


The logo - It must be tricky to come up with anything decent that involves the name The Rugby Championship because it's a completely awful moniker that sounds so downmarket it should be sponsored by Poundland.  However, they have managed to make this cowpat of a brand even worse by creating a logo that looks like it should be on the letterhead of a mid-range business hotel in Slough.  

Will Skelton - Albert Einstein said, and I'm paraphrasing a great theory here, that time slows down when you travel at lightspeed, this is essentially what relativity is, or something.  Anyway, I've always struggled to understand this, but that was until I saw Will Skelton.  Just as time slows the faster you go, it seems that Skelton's impressive 140kg mass gets lighter the faster he goes.  There's no point in being giant if you don't run your weight, old son.  

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Video: Winning a Rugby World Cup begins with a ball...


As we head towards the Rugby World Cup, Coca-Cola are starting their biggest ever rugby on-pack promotion, giving fans across Great Britain the chance to win one of up to one million exclusive Rugby World Cup 2015 Coca-Cola Gilbert replica rugby balls. The size four limited-edition rugby balls are great for everyone, from beginners to rugby fans, from families to friends, and perfect for playing in the park.

To be in with a chance of winning, look out for a promotional packs and enter the 10 digit unique code at to find out instantly if you are a winner.

Coca-Cola RWC06 low res
St Jason Of Robinson - still got it..

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Video: Mud & Glory - Michael Jones

As the Rugby World Cup looms ever nearer, this is a nice docu from 1991 about one of the tournament's and the game's greatest ever.  There are also lots more episodes on YouTube featuring some cracking All Blacks from down the years and some other cracking vintage stuff from the user 99waylon.

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Is there a skills problem in Rugby Union that only Rugby League coaches can solve?

Yesterday saw the surprise announcement that former rugby league international and current Wigan coach, Paul Deacon, is to take over the role of attach coach for Sale Sharks. This is yet another addition to the swelling ranks of coaches from a purely RL background being utilised in the fifteen man code. Is there an issue in rugby union that only rugby league coaches can solve?

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