The left hand side of that is thoroughly depressing. My son’s coach has this year got himself a Blues contract, he’s an outside half, tipped to make his Blues debut very soon. I pray to God that it results in us alternating between him and Sweeney this year.

The reasons Parks had a great season in2009-10 were threefold:
He played behind the glasgow back row for Scotland who all had a magnificent season. Secondlly Sean Lineen managed to get Parks to play close to the gain line (possibly on pain of death) at Glasgow and this transformed his distribution skills from shit to competent. When allied to his often sublime but strange looking kicking game he had by far his best season in blue. Its amazing what a good backs coach can do.
Something that the current Scottish sqaud are learning to their cost.

Gregor Townsend may have on occaasion been a fantastic player but as an attack coach he is about as useful as, well any number of completely useless things gathered together in a giant pile of shite.

Thirdly, his midfield minder, Graeme Morrison, covered up for his defensive frailties and coped admirably with any crap ball he shovelled on to him.


yes yes mate was there at these games at Firhill and M’ field. Why Lineen is not in NZ is a bloody disgrace but all down to the pro-Edinburgh set up and hence Gregor ‘Fudface’ Townsend remains in post as attack coach – not for long – about 12 hours I would imagine !

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