Maybe you could do a flow chart explaining to me why Wasps will qualify for the HC next year if Clermont or Edinburgh win it? My head is sore trying to work that out.

Eh??? Hadn’t heard that, out of curiosity, where did you read that brighty, makes no sense to me…

On The Rugby Blog. Some mad thing that says If Clem or Edin win then England get an extra team and that is allocated to the best team the have that hasn’t qualified, but best is based in ERC rankings which Wasps are high in given their form from a few years ago. At least I think that’s it, all a bit confusing.

Cheers Brighty, having read that and one on espn scrum sounds about right to me, although a bit academic now though!

Corrected the bit where I put pass instead of KICK!

That’s what happens when you get creative after six cans of Red Stripe

Varndell is also 26 and only 15 tries behind the Premiership all time scoring record…

Which prem team do you actually follow Lee? God knows im sick of you slagging mine…..

Calling him rubbish is a little harsh. He just can’t defend. Or catch a kick.

I saw him play Australia in Sydney a few years ago. I think it was his début and England were rubbish at the time. In this game he did three things. Each of which involved him doing something great, creating the opportunity for a try and then fucking it up royally. The details are a little hazy, but I think once he kicked ahead, out on the full, when cutting inside the full back looked the better option. Another time he came across from his wing, hit the gap and then made the pass to the player outside him who had a clean run to the line. Except Varndell threw it way over the recipient’s head. He might be the back’s answer to Haskell – all the physical attributes, just no rugby brain. Shame, because going forward, he is class.

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