Crap Lookalikes: Joe Marler & Captain Large from Button Moon


You don't get pictures of peripheral characters from 80s kids shows on other rugby blogs do you?, leaving no obscure stone unturned since 2007, whether you want us to or not.


Sadly I can’t post a pic on here of Dylan ‘Mongo’ Hartley. Evem sadder is the news that the guy who played Mongo died a couple of months back.

Ed the duck would also feature in a Joe Marler rogues gallery (predictable). Although he’s improved I wish he’d spend the time he spends on his hair on scrummaging…

Yes, the fact Marler can’t scrummage should see him not picked for England again any time soon. What are we? Australia? Good round the field game? Fuck that. A prop’s job is to scrummage. The abity to do things like run, pass and make it near a break down are extras.

Well said Phil. Also Marler is obviously a complete tool and in love with himself with his “look at me, I’m mad I am” haircut. If you’re going to draw attention to yourself like that then you better be able to play – see Adam Jones and his Lionel Richie perm as an example.

Bollocks. If you think Marler can’t scrummage, you’ve not seen enough Quins games. Not so long ago, I remember watching him force Mujati off (who made a mess of the Ulster scrum this weekend) and then destroy Doran-Jones as well.

He didn’t do badly vs the Saffers in the summer either

He got outdone against the Aussies by a older, more experienced prop. He’s still young and it’ll be a learning experience for him.

Don’t remember Cole going well vs the Aussies either and I’m sure you won’t argue that he can’t scrummage.

Marler will be back. Couldn’t give a monkey’s about his haircut either

PS – Brighty, seeing as Adam Jones is no longer the force he was and seems to be mostly injured nowadays, does that mean he’ll have to shave his hair off?

Fact: Jones would lose all power in his body by shaving his hair……deep inside the perm is a little monkey pulling levers and turning cogs.

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