Dan Carter gives a life-affirmingly SHIT performance

Mark this day people. Archive this in your backup drive; ALT+PRINT SCREEN it, paste it into a PowerPoint presentation on your favourite pen drive; back it up to your iCloud. Dan Carter was completely, utterly and logic-defyingly SHIT today versus England.

Average men around the world rejoice. From this day forward, this day will be known as “Dan Carter Has A SHIT Day At Work Like Me Day”


I’m sorry, but did England have a blood transfusion mid-week whereby a dose of skills and determination was injected into each of their arms?

Hands up and fair play… the one pissing game I don’t stay up for down under because of the severe walloping I anticipated turns into one of England’s greatest victories… more fool me.

quite simply the best I have seen England play in my life time. The reason I say that is because of the quality of the opposition who are at the top of world rugby right now and have been head and shoulders above for a while.

1-15 had to play outstandingly for us to win and they did. The forwards were ferocious and Farrell showed the great character that we know he has and controlled the game really well i thought. Watch his pass to Barrit for his try, he takes the ball flat and times it beautifully while Barrit hit it straight and at pace.

Too much to talk about but I will say I dont think England will fall in to the same trap as when we stuffed aus in 2010 which I think is the Lancaster effect. We must and can build from here.

Yeah Carter was really, really poor, but 10’s got to be the shittiest position on the pitch when your pack is dominated at every collision point, and you get the defensive wall in your face at the same time as the ball.

I’m just guessing, I’ve never played with a number higher than 8 on my back, and probably 8 divisions down from international level.

Couldnt cope with the pressure of the IRB nominations – going to head to head with Farrel…… Hah ahahahahahahahahahahah Still happy he was shit – it means we call the New Zealenders from now on not the AB’s – the guys are mortal.

Schadenfreude. Jealousy is a vulgar emotion chaps. All because he’s good looking AND talented and will achieve immortality as a rugby legend. He will never be average.

Pedro33- don’t be silly; Carter is IRB Player of the Year x 2 now.

Whats all the fuss about England being in Australia’s group about? If anything, I think that’s the best possible outcome. Of the so-called tier one nations, they are by far the team I’d like England to face most… bit of trivia for you… England haven’t lost a game to Australia in the World since the 1991 final… admittedly they’ve not played them in every world cup, but still… give me the aussies over NZ or SA anyday of the week… France might be on a par with the Aussies… but still I’d take group A thank-you very much….

Too right.

If anyone, it’s the Aussies that are the most likely to get stuffed. With the WRU having been awarded some games in Cardiff, it’s easy to see Oz having to take on the Dragons at the Millenium Stadium and the Poms at Twickenham for the pool games.

When that comes to pass, and the games are being allocated to stadiums, it will be very funny to read the Sydney Morning Herald or the comments at (the excellent) greenandgoldrugby.

Now that I have calmed down. I think we should applaud Lancaster ‘s subs or specifically sub, being Freddie burns on with 20-25 mins to go was brave and great see someone using the AI to blood him. He had everything to loose but made the right long term choice. And I thought he looked to the manner born (front foot rugby can do that to you of course)

And what happened to Wales? I was flipping back and forth to chec the score the England game finished and I looked at the score with a minute or two to go and turned off! It seems priest land is getting some shit, but it seems the pack lost their own line out?

Justin Harrison wasn’t playing for oz was he?

Follow up question how come someone so SHIT finished up as the IRB player of the year when he didn’t make the final three for the NZ player of the year (the Kel Tremain Trophy)? (Richie McCaw won for the fourth time).

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