RBS 6 Nations Preview: Italy vs France, Rome, Sunday 15:00


Anyone fancy offering and opinion in the comments?  I can't really bring myself to care that much, which I think is becoming an increasing problem with matches involving Italy.

Perhaps I'm being unfair.  But I'm probably not.



Ummm…didn’t Italy beat France the last time they played in Rome?

I remember finding it quite an entertaining game

Although that may be solely due to watching France lose

On paper no, but, unlikely as it is, the prospect of the French losing again has my hand inching towards my underwear

But lovely Sergio is playing. Can’t we at least have a drinking game based around commentators praising his very essence every time he drops a bead of sweat?

This will be a dire game, France will care JUST enough to win the game and then kind of shrug their shoulders the only way the french can.

If Italy win it will be ugly.

I shudder to think what would have happened to the space-time continuum if England had scored a try as good as Parisse’s opener. It was fantastic and also showed just how far Italy have progressed under Brunel. Great win capping off a very good opening weekend (other than no-one snotting Ashton)

I pity Wales in Paris next week. That could get very messy.

Well… I clearly know nothing. I would say I shall stop making predictions but clearly knowing nothing hasn’t stopped George Osborne so I don’t see why it should stop me

Lee, do me a favor and select the entire French team en bloc in your SHIT team of the week. Wales or Scotland weren’t too flash last week-end, but at least they tried to play.

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