Let joy be unconfined! Kidney may not select Ronan O’Fucking Gara vs Scotland

Is that his foot, or is it someone else roundhouse kicking him to the face?

Declan Kidney has so many squad injuries ahead of the Ireland game versus Scotland in this weekend's Six Nations that he may be forced to select Bono as a centre, but the most interesting selction dilemma involves a player that isn't injured: will he play Ronan O'Fucking Gara at 10?

For far too long, the apple cheeked Munsterman has been the indisputed next cab off the rank at stand-off, but he has recently entered a period of form so putrid that they can smell it Patagonia. This means that Kidney may select a primary school child from Ulster ahead of him, which while a risk at international level, would be bloody hilarious to anyone who isn't from Munster.

So, in short, ROFG will be selected and is odds-on to be utterly SHIT, or he isn't selected and we will get gratuitous shots of his miserable, fuming face on the bench before he comes on to be utterly SHIT for thirty minutes. Then he'll probably retire.

I'm struggling to see a downside. Anyone?


I also hope there will be a spotters’ badge for the moment when identikitoirishscrumhalfofthemoment flings the ball over ROFG’s head in the hope of reaching O’Driscoll instead

I know I was brought up with the ethos “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything”, but this is just so wonderfully snarky it should be framed.

“This means that Kidney may select a primary school child from Ulster ahead of him, which while a risk at international level, would be bloody hilarious to anyone who isn’t from Munster.”

I take issue with this sentence

I’m from Munster, and I desperately want to see ROG dropped!

while not sharing this blogs (not to mention most of its readers) seething hatred of all things ROG, I most certainly didn’t share the Irish media’s tolerance of him either. However while certain commentators (most ex-players) are reluctant to spell it out, the media opinion has certainly turned. Mostly I think because of his SHITness against England.
I think the funniest thing I heard was one ex-player revealing that some teams might have an idea what to do when ROG is on the field. Are you fucking serious? *Every* team has Plan-R down to a tee at this stage.. it is so predictable that Kidney could possibly even take advantage of it…
Anyway, preaching to the converted etc etc…
One thing for sure though… ROG will start against Scotland and will be substituted on 60 by someone around 15 years younger (my bet is Paddy Jackson). Oh, and it wont be enough to save Irish blushes in Murrayfield.

I stand corrected… and bow to prescience of this blog.

Paddy Jackson starts, ROG on the bench… 5 Ulster men in the starting line up with another 2 on the bench. ROG has more caps than all of them combined. 2 new caps : Luke Marshall and Paddy Jackson…

Never thought I would see the day – but I guess injury forced his hand.

Jackson is a joke starting over Keatly or Madigan and even ROG if honest. He is nowhere near the standard and with no Ruan to hold his hand its taking away from the backline who will have to carry him for however long it takes for him to fold.

Keatly shoould really be starting he is perfect for the game we need to be playing and Madigan and Kackson should be left to fight it out for the bench…

As for Rog would be good if he did get his 20 mins and actually made a positive impact at least then he can feck off with some dignity intact.

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