Dangerous play by Folau, running into North and getting himself tossed over his shoulder like a sack of grain.

I’m presuming that’s a joke, if so very funny one!

(Just in case it’s not, lifting beyond horizontal is no problem. It’s not putting them down safely where the danger – and sanction – lies. Also, quite importantly, the Laws refer to the TACKLER – which North wasn’t. He had the ball…)

Tackling the man without the ball? 🙂 Was at the game and this was freaking hilarious… the Aussies worship this guy and there was quite a bit of stunned silence amongst the guys around me… love it.

Yeah it really affected him didn’t it. Wasn’t tue same after that. Like Henson and Tait all over again.

Imagine a disciplinary hearing for this…….

We are unable to clearly prove or dis-prove that Mr North got confused at the time of the tackle as to whether he was indeed the attacker or the defender therefore we find him not guilty of something we are not quite sure of.

The ‘quantas airline australian koala dingo wallabies’ launch and appeal to which the IRB launch an appeal to the appeal and then decide they cant prove that either appeal is clearly wrong!

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