Was at the game and the wallaby pack were on holiday I think. Thank-god for a Northern Hemisphere ref who allows a contest at the breakdown. Look how freaking good a game it was when there was more self-policing and contesting of the ball, and not that southern hemisphere shite they call rugby league in the Super 15s. Sorry but the IRB have to take a serious look at just how different the games have been and get some consistency in place. Roman made Chris Pollock look like an amateur.

And all the bloody talk of O’Driscoll… now the Daily Torygraph and all the other shite nationals will be proclaiming just how genius Gatland is having spent most of the week slating him… so fickle.

You only had to see how much go-forward there was this week compared to the last two weeks with a couple of bashes up the 10/12 channel… Lions front row were immense too… seriously, they destroyed that Aussie scrum and the breakdown was a different world.

Fuck yeah!

‘Sorry but the IRB have to take a serious look at just how different the games have been and get some consistency in place’

You don’t need to apologies for making that point. Totally agree. The difference between Pollock and Poite was incredible and it isn’t good for the game if players don’t know what’s happening game-to-game because a different ref sees things differently

Shit, I’m concerned that sounds sarcastic, especially cos its from me. Now I’m spoiling it by ditheringly telling you I’m not being sarcastic. Too much whiskey.

Yes but who cares

Would love to write a long emotional piece but ultimately lee summed it up!

Pollock was awful. There’s a rhyme in it, but I’m not gonna lower myself.

Have no idea where that selection came from. Didn’t think he was even in the IRB’s frame of plausible refs. But I’d calm down a little on the equatorialism. You guys still have Barnes.

Dont think anyone saw that scoreline coming, was anyone else a little worried after half time when the score was 19-16 or 13 cant remember! We hadnt created anything up until then. Out of no where we kicked in to gear which I imagine was due to us smashing them up front.

One of the great front row performances, think they won 18 points. Corbs was my MOM, great seeing as he wasnt in the original squad exactly why I love the lions.

Bring on the living with the lions DVD!

If you believe what you read in the UK press. I have the upmost respect for McCaw, just like any decent openside who can get amongst it. My point is that I want to se a contest at the breakdown and a set of forwards going hammer and tongs at each other… not some freaking game of rugby league where the front five just prance around from right to left and back again around the pitch as happens in most Super 15 games.

The Kiwis worked all this out after France 2007. Australia is still trying to work it out and would rather get fucked over by 40 points than kick goals, but hey… at least they had fun trying to run the ball and look pretty….

Have a read of this… quality response from BOD and really just goes to show how much of a ‘media issue’ it is… not an issue amongst players and genuine rugby supporters… The irony is that this is from the same paper that had some idiot write a commentary piece on the travesty of it all… fickle, hypocritical wanker press.


Good article. Rugby coverage in the media consistently awful – 95% of rugby journalists either clueless or conform to a culture of everyone being a hack, making column inches out of soundbites and quotes taken out of context, pet hate of mine.

Read that the other day, love how honest he is in the fact that he can admit that of course he wanted to be out on the pitch but it was not to be so he done all he could for the team.

What a legend!

To be dropped for the first time in his career at 34 is unbelievable!

Talking unbelievable i watched it again last night. Did 1/2p have some kind of magnetic force field ? Every time the wallabies kicked he seemed to be underneath it?

Also have Robertson, woods, healey etc apologised yet?

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