Video: Is that what Ireland are looking for from Andy Farrell?

Andy Farrell is off to Ireland as defence coach after the Six Nations.  Now, there will be many opinions about this, but this blog is delighted as it gave us the perfect opportunity to post this video, which is a belter – literally and figuratively.

What we love most about this – aside from the fighting, obviously, is that Farrell’s Wigan accent is so strong that you can even lipread it as he clearly says, “yuw shitheuwse!” to Paul Sculthorpe.  Extra points go to Sky commentator Stevo for saying all the right things about the fight being a disgrace but being unable to keep the unbridled glee from his voice that it’s all going off.

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I thought you would post hat vid of him casually dropping a goal from the half way line during a break in an England training session last year. That left foot.

I remember him doing that on the 2013 lions tour as well. Him and Howley were doing at, Faz slotted one from miles out then said something like “have that Howley”

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