Video: Ben Botica inexplicably boots away possession in European Challenge Cup Final

Ben Botica has always been a mystery to us.  For all his visible skills, snazz, pizazz & jizz-jazz, what he actually achieves tends to be a lot less impressive meaning he has a Shane Geraghty type gap between appearance and achievement.

He managed to excel himself in the European Challenge Cup final. With his side Quins needing a try in the dying seconds to overhaul Montpellier the miniature maverick decided to boot the ball away, much to the chagrin of his team-mates and his own despair.


Still, we can all forgive one mistake under pressure, can’t we? And Harlequins still had a lot of field to cover if they were to score and try.

Except this wasn’t the first time. He did something remarkably similar vs Northampton not too long ago, where he again opted to inexplicably hoof the ball away when his side really needed him to do something else.

(h-t Arwyn Evans for the video reminder)

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