Classic Video: Ronan O’Gara. Worst. Decision. Ever.

In 2013 Ireland were ushering in a new era as Ronan O’Gara had his grip prised from the 10 shirt to be replaced by Jonny Sexton and youngling Paddy Jackson.  However, the purple-faced alleged game management maestro was still in the squad, sat on the bench ready to assume the role of closer when required, like the world’s most underwhelming special team.

The match vs Scotland back in 2013 was made for ROG.  Tight, Ireland dominant against an absolutely woeful Scotland for much of the match, but unable to get away on the scoreboard.  On 64 minutes, he was released from the bench to weave his particular brand of dull efficiency to see off the pesky Scots.

Unfortunately for Ireland fans, Ronan took this opportunity to make not only arguably the worst decision of his career, it was perhaps the worst decision in any career, ever.  Have a look..

Seriously, have a look!  Everything about it is so awful you wish you could wash your eyes out with bleach; his attempt to run it, his in-twelve-minds shape to kick, the actual kick itself being executed like his boot was hideous toblerone-banana mongrel.  Then, of course, the panic it created leading to the penalty that won it for Scotland.

Thank christ he was on the bench with all his experience, eh?


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