Podcast 70: A Lions win, Lions loss, Karl Marx and ringpieces

Since the last episode there has been what feels like an entire season of rugby and Lee & Josh are dying to get their teeth into the British & Irish Lions loss vs Blues and magnificent win over Crusaders, marvel at the batshittery of England’s win over Argentina before casting their eye over the other weekend fixtures.  Plus, there’s Dragons good news,  Sean Holley on a trike, Karl Marx, ringpieces and the SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings.  It’s a cornucopia of chat, some of it even manages to be about rugby.

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How the hell do Lions’ numbers work? Or are they a totally made up thing by Sky? Given that Hask was a late addition to the tour how does he not have the highest Lion number out of all of them????

I hate this made up bollox. You are either a Lion or you aren’t, none of this I was a Lion before you shit.

I listen to the podcast every week and definitely my favourite rugby related podcast. Keep up em coming!

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