Each week on the pod we attempt to add to our list of #99RugbyProblems, so far we have:

  1. The LV Cup

  2. Missed Tackles

  3. Playing annoying music after scores

  4. The bellend that shouts on the PA before Toulon matches

  5. All bellends that shout on the PA before every match, everwhere

  6. Refs who shout “use it!” and then lets the scrum-half do whatever he likes anyway.

  7. Crooked Scrum feeds

  8. the Pro12 can’t afford TMOs for every match

  9. Try GIFs on Twitter

  10. 2 minute selection videos on Twitter

  11. Pre-selection Tweets from Bristol RFC using GIFs to create non-existent excitement, eg:

  12. Stuart Barnes

  13. The words spoken by Stuart Barnes

Please let us have you pet rugby peeve by tweeting us with the hashtag #99RugbyProblems.  Remember, nothing is too petty or trivial in our great list of annoyace