SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings of the weekend

The SHIT/GOOD™ computer has finally shifted the nine day hangover it gave itself after downing twenty creme de menthes and coke on New Year's Eve and is ready to dish the data on the last weekend.  Let's have your nominations in the comments.  Or not.  Whatever..


Billy Twelvetrees – This Twitter account describes the Glaws man as "England Centre. Creative Collossus. Curly Haired Bamboozler." They are not being entirely serious and his performance against Sarries, including an epic mangling of the world's easiest two on one, explains why.  Although, he seems to be saying it was all done on purpose…


An attempt to fathom Stuart Lancaster’s thought process

England have not had a consistent and fit for purpose centre partnership for eleven years.  Discuss.  In fact, that is all that fans have been doing for every minute of every day for a over a decade.  Of course, these discussions are pointless if you're not in the coach's chair, so what would help is to understand  what, exactly, Stuart Lancaster's thought process is. 

Well, one thing we do know is that his response to any midfield question is usually, "Manu".  Even unrelated questions from his wife at home probably get that response, such is the importance the Leicester man to him.  But what did the Manu-less Autumn tell us about the approach to the England midfield?  Let's consider the evidence.