SHIT/GOOD™ Ratings of the weekend

The SHIT/GOOD™ computer has finally shifted the nine day hangover it gave itself after downing twenty creme de menthes and coke on New Year's Eve and is ready to dish the data on the last weekend.  Let's have your nominations in the comments.  Or not.  Whatever..


Billy Twelvetrees – This Twitter account describes the Glaws man as "England Centre. Creative Collossus. Curly Haired Bamboozler." They are not being entirely serious and his performance against Sarries, including an epic mangling of the world's easiest two on one, explains why.  Although, he seems to be saying it was all done on purpose…


Pro12 2013-14 Season Preview

The League formerly Known as Celtic, but still actually
Celtic, is about to get underway.  The
players have been through pre-season, probably thrown up a bit, swallowed
plenty of sports supplements
and now they are all waiting to hear what this blog has to say about their
chances, I’m sure.  So here goes.


Leinster – like
Leicester, but without the C and the intense sense of hatred they summon up in
rival fans – will no doubt lead the way once again this year.  The loss of Sexton will be felt, but choosing
between Ian Madigan and Jimmy Gopperth is not exactly a nightmare position to
be in.  They look pretty strong
everywhere and it’s hard to see past them.

Ulster –  It’s been a long road back to the top for
the team from the North, but they now appear to be fully entrenched in the
upper echelons of Celtic rugby.  If only
they could get out of the habit of losing to Leinster in finals then the
recovery would be complete.

Glasgow – For a
long time a bit of a laughing stock, and when you consider they play in
Scotland, that means they were a laughing stock within a laughing stock, so
that’s some bloody concentrated laughing stock right there.  However, things have turned about in recent
times and they have managed to largely keep the squad that finished third last
year, so they will still be up there.