Analysis: Nationally lopsided British & Irish Lions selections are nothing new. So there.

I despise those who small-mindedly total up the number of

players from each nationality in a Lions line-up; it defeats the object of what

the British & Irish Lions are all about and it leads people to make

pointless, infuriating and irrelevant arguments that have nothing to do with

winning a rugby game. 

However, the

opprobrium that Warren Gatland has received in both the regular and social

media has led me to spend a great deal of time doing that very thing I despise

to make a point, because there’s nothing

this blog won’t do to win an argument. 

Looking back over every

tour since 1971 (yes, I’m that stubborn) proves that selecting

large number of players from one nation is very common, is usually linked to

the most successful home nation at the time (as Wales are now), and certainly

does not “disrespect the ethos of the Lions”.