The British & Irish Lions squad is here at last

2009_logo Finally, after months of soul-splintering speculation, the squad is here.  I am not going make much comment, other than to draw your attention to the following (you may wish to offer some answers in the comments):

1) What, in the name of all that is good in this world, is that lummox Worsley doing in there?

2) How on earth is Andy Powell a better No 8 than Ryan Jones?

3) How can 64-year-old Alan Quinlan be a better selection than Tom Croft?

Other than that, you can't really argue with it.  And I would like to remind everyone that tipped Keith Earls for selection a week ago.  Full squad after the jump

Gavin Henson is injured and guilty, and we feel sorry for him

Gavin-Henson-Ospreys It has not been a good day for everyone's favourite Welshman. 

Firstly, another chapter has been added to the long running battle he's having with his papier mache body: his ankle giving out and putting his Lions chances in serious doubt.  Second, he has been found guilty of doing something to someone somewhere on St Mary Street, Cardiff on 15 Feb this year.  We can't elaborate as the Police are being about as free with real information to the public as Jason Bourne's mind to his conscious self.

Now, we're as guilty as anybody else for poking fun – and the occasional finger - at the great orange collossus, but I have to say that I feel some pity for the bloke.