SHIT/GOOD Ratings™: England 35 – 11 Fiji

The opening game of both the Rugby World Cup 2015 and of Pool A came and went, with the small matter of an opening ceremony that perpetuated the lie that rugby was invented in 1823 by lad at private school (it wasn't), added another lie by presenting georgian period private schools as racially diverse, featured Bill Beaumont in a dickensian costume and Prince Harry nasally mumbling for what seemed like a long time.

Let's get to the rugby and see what the famous SHIT/GOOD™ computer made of it all


Brad Barritt – There has been much talk before the tournament that Sam Burgess was a wasted selection with very few voices directed the same charge to Mr Barritt; a few more may want to make some queries after last night.  The stats make for horrible reading; six metres run in three carries, zero clean breaks, zero defenders beaten, zero offloads. Ah, but he's in the team because he's a defensive colossus, right?  Wrong: three penalties conceded, three turnovers conceded and he made five tackles, missing two. The worrying thing for England now is if Brad continues to be this awful, then Burgess has to start and for all the good stuff he offers is he ready to do that vs Wales?

Rugby World Cup 2015 Preview: England vs Fiji, Pool A


Nadolo, probably thanking God for making him so bloody massive

All the pre-tournament nonsense is done with.  Warm-ups, squad conjecture, endless interminable emails from sponsors PR peddling something tenuously related to rugby, media rent-a-gob predictions are all finished and, would you believe it, an actual game is about to happen and it's a very interesting one as England take on Fiji.