Newer listeners to the podcast, or perhaps older ones who can’t follow what’s going on, may be wondering what the Cuthbert-Plisson Cup, or CPC for short, is when we mention it every week.  Well wonder no more.

Back in early February 2016 Treviso had not won a game for the best part of a year, so we came up with #TrevisoShitWatch to track how long this would last for, hoping for a long-running series.  Like many of our ideas, it was ruined soon after, this time by Treviso winning against Cardiff on 28 Feb 2016, the swines.  Josh then came up with the idea of having a #ShitWatch Trophy that is passed to the team that loses to the team that currently holds it, sort of similar to the Ranfurly Shield, but shit.

Therefore Cardiff took the #ShitWatch Trophy that fateful day and the world’s most unwanted trophy was born; the only trophy you win by losing a match.

Sometime later, we asked listeners to the podcast to suggest a name for the title and the Cuthbert-Plisson Cup was selected as truly embodying all the mediocrity the trophy represents.

Eighteen month later the Cuthbert-Plisson Cup is still going, has its own twitter account for updates, has changed hands 19 times across 53 matches and found a temporary home in each of the six nations and at the time of writing this is currently sat with its first ever french holder: Oyonnax, following their loss to Connacht in the Challenge Cup.