Rugby World Cup: England 36 – 20 Tonga

Is that the sound of a corner being turned?  Jim Rosenthal was desperately trying to interpret this victory as that in the post-match analysis, but as we know Jim knows as much about rugby as an Austrian ski instructor.  I’ll go as far as to say it was the best performance so far, which is as faint praise as saying that Revenge of the Sith was the best of the new Star Wars films, but make no mistake: England are going to lose to Australia next Saturday.

Rugby World Cup: Georgia 23 – 0 Namibia

_44140402_tryBeing an England fan, I’ve seen lots of boring games of Rugby in my time, for example every match England played prior to 1992, but this one must be up there with them.  Gerorgia were completely dominant and yet still managed to create very little and spnd most of the match smashing the ball up through the forwards.  Two interceptions late in the game put a much more respectable facade on the scoreboard.

Rugby World Cup: Midweek games round-up

While the really big teams (and the minnow England) spend their midweek being fed grapes by the naked female cast of Heroes, the so-called small nations have some work to do.  Here’s how they got on.

Wales 72 – 18 Japan

The Welsh press, and in fact all the other media, have been full of praise for the leek-munchers after this big win.  Speaking as someone who only saw the first half of this match I have to say I find that surprising, as Wales were pretty poor for much of the first 40.  They went in ahead of course, as they should as Japan are rubbish, but the first half was an ill-tuned concerto of knock-ons, forward-passes, terrible decision making and muddled thinking.  They obviously ran away with it in the second half, but if they have a first half like that against anyone half-decent they are going to get hammered.

Japan scored the try of the tournament so far also, taking a turnover from their own five metre line the width and length of the field,  via five pairs of hands, to score.  Astounding.