Video – Jason Robinson: Legend

Jason Robinson may well have played his last game of rugby.  Speaking of his injury the England flyer said, "To hear the biggest roar of the evening as I limped off and seeing
everyone on their feet applauding was a humbling moment.  If that’s the way I am to go out of rugby, I will remember that as a very proud moment."

Indeed, but lest we forget, let’s just remind ourselves just how good this thoroughly humble bloke is.  And remember, this is just the highlights of his Union career!

England 0 – 36 South Africa: England player ratings

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Jason Robinson – 8 In a performance so fetid I could smell it across the Channel, the performance of the full-back was the only zephyr of sweet fragrance. Held pretty much every ball that he was peppered with; broke the first tackler consistently, including one 60 metre dash from a tap in his own 22. Limped off to a standing ovation from both sets of fans after suffering a hamstring injury and if this is the end, then I would like to thank him for the years of entertainment and class in both codes.

Rugby World Cup, Pool A: England mercilessly thrashed by South Africa

Humiliation. No more, no less. We all knew that this was odds-on for a defeat; defeat we can handle, brainless play we cannot. England did everything but stand still tonight, such was the capitulation to the strengths of the South African team: no high kicks, no pressure on the midfield – I swear I saw Percy Montgomery smoking a ciggie at one point in the first half. And, as it always does in rugby, it all started and finished with the forwards.